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Budding Love: Here Is How You Can Organise A Weed-Friendly Wedding

How to Include Cannabis in Weddings

Can you believe a weed-friendly wedding for all your best buds? Well now, you can. Many people in states where recreational marijuana is legal are attempting to plan a 420 wedding and nailing it. Several companies and vendors are happy to work with you to design elegant events that include your desired party atmosphere.

A weed wedding may include cannabis-infused drinks, stoner gift bags, plant-themed décor, a bud bar, etc. When keeping your visitors elevated and secure, there are many options for creativity. The number of marijuana-themed events has increased as legalization spreads across the country; weddings are no exception. Yet, each amazing cannabis wedding has a great deal of responsibility, therefore it’s crucial to understand the appropriate protocol and work things per the law.

Verify Your State’s Legalization Of Cannabis

Verify that your cannabis wedding will take place in an area where marijuana usage for recreational purposes is permitted before you start any planning. First and foremost, you must confirm that adult-use cannabis is legal in your state. The first place that might come to mind when thinking of recreational marijuana destinations are Los Angeles, California, and Denver.

There are many states where marijuana is only permitted for medicinal purposes, but this does not give you the go-ahead to serve marijuana at your wedding. Hence, before depositing your wedding venue, go above and beyond and take extreme measures to ensure that a marijuana wedding is allowed if having a perfect 420 dream wedding is on your list. However, before you get too far into planning your wedding, you should consult with your wedding planner and do some legal research because state and local laws differ. You can also consult a lawyer and get your paperback in handy in case you need any.

How to Include Cannabis in Weddings?

  • Weed-Friendly Wedding Coordinator

    Try consulting a seasoned wedding coordinator who can make your weed wedding fantasies come true if you want assistance from a weed-friendly wedding planner. They exist, and you can find them online with ease. As for their favourite cannabis-friendly vendors, weed wedding elements, and any difficulties they’ve encountered when planning cannabis-themed weddings, ask wedding planners whether they have ever planned a pot wedding before.

  • Cannabis Friendly Location

    Look for a place that permits the use of cannabis in the lobby. Many venues are available around the nation, including several in California, Washington, and Las Vegas. If you can’t locate a place that allows marijuana, consider hiring a party bus for a ride around the block, or setting up a place where people may discreetly use cannabis before going back to the reception.

  • Weed In Style

    Consider wearing a specially constructed wedding dress that is made from a cannabis plant strain, or has bouquets and “boutonnieres” fashioned from cannabis plant leaves and blooms. These organic plants are admired by many designers and florists as a lovely method to express their sense of style.

  • Pot Leaf and Flower Arrangements

    Buds can be included in floral arrangements or table centrepieces. Regardless of many people’s views on cannabis, many florists believe the cannabis plant to be visually beautiful, so this is a fantastic way to incorporate marijuana foliage and flower buds into your special day distinctively and decoratively.

  • Budtender

    Take into account employing a budtender to manage your “cannabis bar.” A budtender is knowledgeable about cannabis, including an understanding of various strains, what they do, the quality of the goods, and managing consumption, much like a barman is knowledgeable about alcohol, how to mix, and how much to measure beverages.

  • Wedding Presents And Event Favors

    Surprise your guests with marijuana-themed wedding gifts like edible chocolates, shot glasses, flasks, or cannabis leaf soap. A distinctive glass pipe or ornamental jewellery inspired by marijuana leaves, such as cufflinks or pendant necklaces, can be appropriate wedding party presents for stoner bridesmaids and best men.

Calculate Your Cannabis Requirement

You’ll need to provide the cannabis yourself if you’re thinking of having a weed bar at your wedding. As there are currently no permits that permit cannabis sales at private events, the couple will need to prepare their wedding in accordance with current laws. The seller gives a legal amount of product to distribute to their guests based on an adult-to-adult transfer once they have completed the legal transaction.

Inform Your Guests Of Your Weed-Themed Wedding

Before the big day, you should inform your guests that your wedding will have a variety of cannabis-related themes or that it is THC friendly. Making sure your guests are aware of the tone of your wedding and giving them ample time to determine if they are comfortable with it is done this way. You don’t want anybody to be taken aback, so it’s crucial to let your guests know what to expect from your 420 wedding and who knows maybe plan their wedding presents accordingly.

To Sum It Up

To make sure that weed is served at your wedding, some preparation may be necessary; however, because you and your spouse are now united in holy matrimony, the day is all about you and your partner.
Brides and grooms who are interested in taking this path need to be aware of their surroundings. While marijuana usage for medical purposes is becoming more widely accepted in the United States, most states still ban the adult use of marijuana for recreational purposes. Yet as the use of marijuana at weddings grows less and less unusual, don’t be surprised by what you observe at ceremonies around the nation this year and moving forward.